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Whether you need an innovative booth design, banners or promotional items, we can discuss the best way to leave an impression.


This booth for Neenan construction was designed to be a fun interactive experience.

Based on the famous 1938 picture "Lunch atop a Skyscraper" we used the picture without the workmen for the back, then copied the picture from the beam down as a tablecloth.

We set up a camera so visitors could sit on the table, as if on the beam and when we took the picture it looked like they were atop the skyscraper.

It was a big hit and a booth and brand to remember.

Pet grief counselor Leigh Ann Gerk needed a booth for a conference.

We focused on her book Dear Brave Friend which is about a letter from a boy's deceased dog from heaven.

Besides bookmarks we included branded tissue packets visitors could take home to use when reading the book.

P2P Booth2.jpg

Sometimes booth design can be as simple as a branded banner and create displays.

P2P Booth.jpg

Since the jewelry products were made of copper, bronze and silver, we used displays from nature, stained driftwood, barnwood and rocks. Take-a-aways were product cards, and description cards. 

Packaging design included lasered kraft boxes with muslim bags.

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